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No-Till Planters

10 Steps to Ensure Your No-Till Planter is Field-Ready

1.  Check the bushings on the parallel linkage. Do this by picking up and shaking each row unit to detect any play in the bushings

2.  Check meter drives, chains, gears, and clutch system to ensure proper alignment

3.  Level the planter

4.  Check the frame to ensure level

  • Coulter should be >¼” off the floor
  • Check level both in the shop and in the field

5.  Check discs and pressing wheels

  • A “w” should be created
  • Disc openers should be at least 14 ½”
  • Do the credit card test
  • Discs need to be touching
  • The points of contact should be between 1 ½” and 2″

6.  Inspect all seed delivery tubes; it is always better to replace than to file

7.  Check, or add, seed firmers to ensure uniform seed depth and germination

8.  Inspect gauge wheels

  • Check for gaps
  • Blades should split the center

9.  Check closing wheel alignment by placing the blades on the ground and driving 5′ to ensure the scratch is directly behind the wheels

10.  Consider the type of closing wheels

  • Consider aggressive 15″ spiked wheel with a 13″ rubber tire as closing wheels
  • If planting in wet soils or in heavy debris, 12″ – 15″ drag chains are a good idea
  • Know your cover crops; if you are using vetch or peas and other crops, spiked closing wheels will be a nuisance as the plants will wrap around the spiked wheels