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McCormick’s Creek CWI

The Owen and Monroe County SWCDs were awarded a Clean Water Indiana (CWI) grant for 2013-2015 to reduce sediment and nutrient pollution in the McCormick’s Creek watershed. This area is particularly of interest to the SWCDs because tens of thousands of visitors come to McCormick’s Creek State Park every year and recreate in the waters and falls of the creek.

In order to improve the quality of water, all residents living in the watershed will need to be educated on ways to decrease sediment and nutrient inputs.

We are encouraging the use of cover crops in this watershed because cover crops are great for building and maintaining soil health by feeding the beneficial organisms that live in the soil, creating organic matter which improves a soil’s water holding capacity, and reducing the sedimentation that occurs with heavy rain events.

So far, we have completed a stone crossing of a drainage area for field access and helped plant 55 acres of cover crops. In 2015, we will be completing a large WASCOBs project, installing a grassed waterway, and doing work to improve pastures. We also plan to get more acres of cover crops planted by the fall.

This grant allowed us to hire a part-time watershed coordinator from the summer of 2013 to fall of 2014. The SWCD thanks Sara Campfield for her work in the McCormick’s Creek watershed and wishes her the best of luck as she moves on to work for the Putnam County SWCD.

If you are interested in learning more about this grant or would like to find out if you qualify for cost-share funding, please call Andrea at the SWCD office in Spencer, 812-829-2605.