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LWR Watershed Initiative

Lower White River Watershed Initiative

In 2006, the Owen County SWCD was awarded a Clean Water Act Section 319 Grant to develop a watershed management plan (WMP) for three sub-watersheds within the Lower White River watershed: Mill Creek/Little Mill Creek, White River-Limestone Creek/Big Creek, and White River-McCormick’s Creek/Fall Creek; HUCs 051202020201, 051202020202, and 051202020203, respectively. The WMP was approved by IDEM in February of 2009 and awaits implementation. Click here to view the WMP.


Owen County Lower White River 319 Watershed Area

The SWCD applied for the EPA’s Clean Water Act Section 319 Non-Point Source Reduction implementation grant in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014 without success. Instead, the SWCD’s Executive Director Kelsey Thetonia will spend 2015 working on updating the WMP to meet IDEM’s new 2010 checklist. With these updates, the SWCD will be able to better prioritize critical areas within the watersheds and calculate expected load reductions for sediment, nutrients, and E. coli.

The SWCD will begin a rigorous monitoring program in April 2015 to gather water quality data to aid in watershed management for this area. Hoosier Riverwatch methods will be used for water sampling. If you are interested in volunteering with the monitoring program, Andrea can help you become Hoosier Riverwatch certified. Please contact the SWCD office to learn more by calling 812-829-2605.